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in the medical Hall after till Breakfast

Nov. 18th At Bandar. at "Candia" at
Garden reach for lep. box. at Med Hall all
day. Egan called in the evg. walked to
Col Lys park St: News from Lucknow
Sir Colin Shelling on both sides. Commun
with Sir J Outram latter advised his friends
not to attack until it could be done efficiently

Nov. 19th. Went down to the beach

Nov 20th to 30th At Medical Hall every
day. till between 5 & 6 . 29th dined on
board the Candia Saw Dawson & Fitz
at the Fort. Came home in D.s Buggy.
30th Had diarrhea which made me feel
weak News today that Col. Cameron 42nd
& Col Rourke 19th both dead of Cholera. posted
a letter to a soldier at Lahore entrusted
by Mrs. Achison 23rd At a tea party
at Smith's met Dr. Bryden. E I Co
&ce. 3000 Sepoys enclosed in palace garden
[Dec. 1st. scored through] & bayonetted by Sir Colin.
Sepoys retreat upon Hyrabad.

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