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13th. Received an order to attend a
Commitee of inspection of the Belgravia
& also at the Commisariat on provisions
of medical comforts for the use of troops on

14th. Feby. Joined the 'Belgravia"
Took leave of Capt. Goodwin Mr
Dibbs. Left note to Hornby
to Barry to settle his mess bill orders
with Barry to draw my pay fully
to remit 50 Cos.Rs. home monthly
got my traps on board at 2 oclock
left Kedgeree Calcutta Anchored
at o clock. at
Wrote a letter home.

15th Weighed Anchor at
Anchored at at OClock

16th Weighed anchor at Oclock

17th Weighed Anchor at Anchored at
a man fell overboard
& was drifting [slowly struck through] swiftly
past the ship when a rope was

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