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pitched into the rescue. They took
the pilot in & were off.
20th to 23rd Sydney. Left us. nearly on
the Latitude of Galle at 6 oclock in
the evening.

23 to 25th nearly becalmed since the
Sydney left us. 23rd had a bath on
deck this morning.

25th saw a shark alongside got out hook
baited with pork but did not succeed
in catching him. Patients all imp
roving in health but grumbling about
their rations. Examined Salt beef &
found although it looked bad outside
that it was very good inside, & that it
had been boiled too much. Boat went
out this afternoon to Straiten out rope.
weather awfully hot. the iron
about the Ship can scarcely lay
hands on lying nearly becalmed
the Sails flapping lazily about
tonight a breeze seemed to be

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