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[Saturday scored through]Sunday March 7th 1858.
I slept little all night partly from
the storminess of the weather (for it blew
hard all night & the ship rolled &
pitched a good deal) & also for
thinking on poor Robinson. he was
the healthiest looking man on board.
I did all I could to save him poor
fellow but it was beyond my power
he wanted me continually beside him
poor fellow. this ought to teach us
an example to be always ready for
we know not at what day or hour we
may be called on. We buried him
today, day at 10-30 am. Sewn up
in a hammock with the Union Jack
over him the Capt. read the funeral
service. 4 stout sailors raised the
body & consigned it to the boiling &
raging deep. A heavy splash & all
was over. O' Lord grant that these
warnings may not be lost upon us.
we are daily shown that this is not

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