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Far from his own loved native land
Far from the friends he loved so well
The hope of that once happy land
Now sleepeth where, ? no one can tell.
V 'Neath oceans ever sounding wave
He sleeps, in silent stillness there.
The sea flowers father round his grave
He once, the brave & good & fair,
Perhaps a mother mourns her son
Sad greif may in her bosom dwell
but humbly says God's will be done
My loved, My darling son, farewell
Lt Dadson I have laid up the last 2
or 3 days he has disease of the knee
joints so that is one more of our comp-
anions shut up. I am often amused
with the remarks of the steward who
is a german but talks English
well with only a foreign accent.
his man Joe he calls Choe just
come & lay the tinner man he

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