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speaks very like a Highlander
[One of scored through] Joe is a brother of Mrs Wyndham
the Managress of the theatre royal
Ednr. I have picked out by
observation one or two men characters
among the soldiers. Here is first a
Scotsman belonging to the 93rd who
went all through the Crimean War
as he says without a wound & he
is quite indignant now at being
wounded by a nigger. he has a [wou scored through]
bullet wound through the arm near
the elbow. he is a fine strong burly
looking fellow. He & another Scotsman
sit & praise up Sir Colin to the skies
much I daresay to the annoyance of
the Irish + Englishman. Next here
is an Irishman called Patk.
of the 53rd or as he told
his officer the other day on asking
him his name Mr [underscored] Coleman
Snr [underscored] ov Her Majestys fifty third

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