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& Faith Sir I was just goin to tell yir
honor that the mate were gettin:
isn't fit for an Animal or a brute baste
to live on. & Shure the Doctor Knows it
Yer honour. & havnt atin a bite this
tree wakes since I cummed on board
& its a wonder Im alive. Well says
the officer my Good fellow you get
the best meat that can be supplied
by Government for you. Faith & is it
the duff ye'll be callin good mate
Shure & if yer honour'll only look
ye'll find it alive & taking up a
Crocroach [cockroach] from the head of the cask.
he held it up between his fingers &
Says thems the things ye find
in the bottom o' the Cask, & its
poison Ill be afther at atin afore Id
ate that. The other day a man
was Knocked down with Sun Stroke
& lay insensible & Convulsed in
the main deck. I directed a

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