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stream of cold water to be poured on
his head. Pat was looking on very
attentively. [all at scored through] the man was some
time of coming out of his fit. When
Pat making a salute. Says to me
Shure & yer'e honour if ye'll just
be after puttin a little salt in
his mouth he'll be rivivin in no
time. I niver saw a case that salt
wouldn't cure. I ordered him off
at once although I could not help
laughing at his droll manuever.
Another little trait of pat. I will chalk
down now. I went down to my visit
below the other day to the sick men
Pat comes up, makes a salute
Would ye be plased Sur to spake
a minute. I asked what he wanted
Shure Sur I would just be afther
tellin ye that Ive been very bad
all night & what is the matter
I said, shure Sur its pains &

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