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Grips of a soreness all over my bones.
Well, i say thats a bad complaint
but think it will be very easily
cured. Shure Guv & Av I might make
bould to tell yere honour the Dacthur
O' our regiment always used to be
given me a glass o brandy when I
ill O this complaint & nothing else
niver found did me any good. Well
I says, what is making you ill at this
time. Shure Guv All I cant till ye
unless its the duff. The duff
(a kind of plump pudding I says
have you been eating too much.
Faith no Yere' honour says he but
its alive & the salt mate isn't fit
for a nigger. I excused paddys
dodge to get a glass of brandy from
me & as he is the healthiest man
in the ship, I ordered him a dose of
Castor Oil, put him on the low diet
his pains were very soon
cured. One of the invalids

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