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friend the irish soldier has been up
to his old tricks on St. Patricks day
17th he was all in his glory & tried sev
eral means of obtaining grog. Among
the others was this one. he went up
to the general (Salter) who we have on
board & says I big yere pardon Sur
but I was jist goin to ax ye to be kind
enough to spake to the Leftenant &
the Docthur to see if they'd be afther
givin us grog the day thus bein St.Pat-
thricks day & its mighty kind Id
be thinking it o ye. The General said
he had nothing to do with these things
My hospital orderlies were at me in
the evening but I did not accede to
their request. Two thirds of the soldiers
are Irishmen & it was a great
disappointment to them you may
be sure. Old Billy the goat
is sadly annoyed in the afternoons
he often gets a pain or a

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