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An unusual number of porpoises
got up. Made our bows a perfect
cloud of them Kept leaping above
water, & swimming along faster
than the ship. the sailors
got hold of a harpoon & struck
one, but the shaft of the harpoon
broke the line was carried off.
the whole flock immediately dis-
appeared. We made the land
again at 10 oclock (AM) it came
on to blow very hard then but it
passed off as we made the land.
Got up to the Western exty [extremity] of the
Cape this afternoon. Saw a large
Steamer under sail. Close on land,
& the Aguelas light house.
Passed danger point where many
ships are lost. The steamer
supposed to be the Himalaya from
India to England with Invalids.
We kept on along the land

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