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At Mrs Bate's Hotel

April 3rd 1858.

Got up at 6 oclock & I went on
board & got all the men ready for
disembarkation. had breakfast on
board & (got scored through) having got all the soldiers
in the boat. One man went over the side
in a chair (Woodal) We went off the
Sun was very hot. Nearly as hot as
I have felt it in India, but it has not
the same depressing influence. Took
9 men to Hospital, The rest went to
the Artillery Barracks. Met the
Genl. (General) Dr. Taylor & Capt Dale of the
"Octavia" on shore. Went on board in
the evening with the Captain.

April 4th 1858. Sunday.

Stayed on board all day. In the
evening went to visit the Hospital
having gone on shore with the
Captain. Dr Summers anxious to
detain me at the Cape & has

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