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Wynberg passed an inn Called Rochester
Castle, the roads were very dusty
& very uneven. to the left of the road
on which we were travelling is a large
low tract of ground very Sandy &
which appears to have been at one
time the bed of the sea. it extends nearly
from Table Bay to Simons Bay a distance
of nearly 12 miles this is called the
Hottentot Ground a few hamlets are
occupied by Dutchmen Kaffirs & Hottentots.
Scattered over this extent of ground
it seems very barren covered with
tangled rank grass & a kind of heath
some parts of it quite bare & sandy.
Several fires were blazing in different
parts of the hills around. [ever scored through] the
long dry grass & tangled heath bein
so dry that the slightest spark
serves to kindle into a fire A volume
of smoke was seen extending over
the summit of Table Mountain
doubtless from one of those fires kindled

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