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put your minds all at rest in case you have
been anxious about me at all. I think I told you
in my letter from Sandhead that it would likely
be four months before you would get another letter
but I am glad to see that I am can have the opportunity
of sending this much sooner. You would get my last
letter about the end of March or beginning of
April & this one I hope will reach you in the be-
ginning of June. Now I must begin & give you a short
account of our voyage down. The steamer "Sydney"
towed us down to the Latitude of "point de Galle"
& then left us. for 2 or 3 days after she left
we were becalmed. near the line & you may be
sure it was hot enough with a Sun coming right
down on our heads & not a breath of air stirring
add to this that we could not make 20 yards
forwards a day for want of wind. There the
ship lay rolling lazily about. however at
last a breeze did come. We got all sail set
& it was quite enlivening to be again dancing
lightly over the waves. We crossed the line
& got briskly down. Never being becalmed

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