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again for any length of time. We were very
lucky in getting the South east Trades winds
We gave Mauritius a wide berth & we
sighted land, although at a long distance
off on Friday evening March 26th. it
proved to be land southward of Algoa
at the eastermost point if the Southern
coast of Africa. here we encountered a strong
westerly gale & had to beat to windward
sometimes not making more than 10 miles a
day we tacked inshore & down south
close hauled to the wind. When we went within
10 miles of the shore we got fishing tackle ready
& hauled up some beautiful fish called
the red snapper. Somewhat like a salmon.
One we caught weight nearly 12lbs. &
the average was 7 or 8 lbs. After beating
round the Cape for a week the process
of doing [the scored through] putting me much in mind of the
story of the Phantom Ship: a story well
known to most sailors. it is said that
the Capt. of a ship endeavouring to round the

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