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"Belgravia" in Table Bay. going on
shore now & then. Call on Dadson
frequently. was told by o'Halloran
likely to be detained at the Cape.
Cape races on the 19th. & 21st.
& again today. first day Capt.
& I walked there and saw the last race
On the 20th. went on shore in the
morning to post letters arrived just
in time Mr Grainger took us to the
library sat till 2 oclock & went
on board to dinner. 21st. Colonel
, Dr. Rogers & the Capt.
went to the races in a car I got a horse
from the Colonel day very hot
had to get off coming back.
dined with the Colonel in the
evening. Went on board at 9 ocl
22nd. On board all day. two ships
came into the bay today a
British & Russian. Capt. White
was buried today. he died of

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