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dysentery. he fought at Delhi
Dr. Livingstone & party arrived here
yesterday on their expedition into Central
to find out highlands on which
to settle. Mr. Moffat the old African
Missionary I see with them. Dr.
of Edin. & a geologist & photographer
the people intend presenting Dr. L
with a purse cont £840 & the
party are feted on all sides.
Friday 23rd. 12 oclock
Been on board all this morning
reading the Cape daily news &
the Calcutta Englishman of the
14th Februay.
May 15th. Went on shore with the
Capt. & Capt. Grey. Visited Botan-
ical Gardens. got rose to send home
went on board to dinner Col. &
Rogers on board.
May 16th. Went Ashore this
morning after breakfast. posted

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