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Friday May 21st 1858

Lat.36.54 Long: 27.13 109 miles

Saturday 22nd

6 o'clock passed ship bound to the
westward Lat 37.12. Long 29.9.
95 miles

Sunday 23rd May

Lat. 37.43 Long: 33.22.6 205
High sea from the southward

Monday 24th May

Cloudy with frequent squalls & rain
high SW sea running. Ship rolling
very heavy.
Lat: 37.56. Long 37.42 206.

Tuesday May 25th 1838.

Blowing hard. double reefed
top sails

May 26th till June 19th

During this time we have been pursuing
our course to Calcutta. We went
as far as 80° East before doing
much northing, high rolling sea

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