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to be bound to China, did not answer
our signals.

Friday June 25th. 1858.

Fine breeze going along 8 knots Capt. & I
have not spoken all day. did not come to break
fast. went below & saw the horses. Several
of then looking dull & breathing hard. ought to
be taken on deck immediately as the
atmosphere is hot, close & Ammoniacal

Saturday June 26th. 1858

Up at 6 this morning. Stayed 1 1/2 hours
on deck in my shirt weather heeps cool
there being a nice breeze. We are today
in the latitude of Madras. fine breeze
still continuing & weather fine. Still
in the daudrums [doldrums] with the skipper
A lascar came to me last night for whom
I had prescribed before. I gave him a couple
of pills & told him to come to me this
morning when I should give him some
more medicine. i ordered him some Pulv
Rhei Co. however I was told the Capt. had
ordered him Quinine I suppose on the

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