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completely undermined Capt. Ripley
Capt. Evans houses were in
undulatory motion & they were
obliged to hold on to prevent
themselves being thrown down.
the Cachery is in ruins every
wall being more or less

Augt. 25th. 1858

remained at anchour all day in
Kyauk Phyoo harbour the weather
being thick & squally. In the
evening went ashore with the
Captain walked round the Bazaar
& up to Capt. Ripley's (in the
Morning we had called at Capt.
met Dr. Morris). went
from Ripley's to Evans. Met Ripley
Evans, Bowen Johnstone Cassiagn
Morris & Sambo[underlined] Thomas. chafed
Sambo about electricity. Songs
sung all round. Bischas sing

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