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man to remain there. Mr. Woodward
Mestier & Harper dined with
us three nights ago. Bowen & I
dined at Woodwards got the
loan of Johnsons Pie Cart.

Sept 10th. Today wrote a
Communication to the Rising Sta
about the post office about
receipt of Willies letter dated
June 13th which Cassiagni
copied for me. This is a very
warm day. Therm[underscored] 82 in the
shade & a cloudless sky.

Sept 17th 1858. Friday

The weather has been very warm
for the last few days Therm.
as high as 95° sometimes beneath
the Awnings. two days ago however
it blew a good breeze from the
South & East which with rain
has cooled down the atmosphere
very much. lightning very

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