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hatching at night. Where I woke up
early in the morning with my neck
nearly broken.
Last evening a fire broke out at
Haliday's Coal godwin. Dibbs &
the Crew went with the fire engine
Young Law & I remaining on board
in the evening overhauled some
of my home letters from Fred. RB &ce
found an ivy leaf in Freds last
letter which I had not before noticed.
17th Today we are all put to
rights again the gun room all
clean & paint dry. Up early
% took a bath. A fine day.
weather not quite so warm as it
was a few days ago, leading
the Knight of Glomie
Sept. 26.[7 overwritten] Left Akyab yesterday
again for Kyauk Phyoo had a fine
day though rather warm. Came
to anchor at 5 in Kyauk Phyoo

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