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dark went to dine with Mr. Fletcher
Met at his house Capt. & Mrs. McDoune
of the Lady Rawlinson after dinner
had some B. punch & some songs
Mr. Fletcher a scotsman treated me with
much Kindness went out for a moonlit
drive at 12 oclock drove through
a great part of breakneck country.
saw Bowen Dibbs& Morris into the boat
went home with Mr. Fletcher & slept
at his house.

Tuesday November 23rd. 1858

Mr. F. Called me early in the morning
[?] to go out for a drive. We
started after a cup of tea. Mr. F. Mrs.
& Capt. Mc drove to the country
through the tigers pass. Mr. F. Capt.
& I got out and went to visit some
beautiful scenery through a pass
saw marks of tigers & pigs recent
Came back & drove to Mr. Howards
house he and Mrs. drove up to

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