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dined with Mr. Fletcher in the cos.
had some songs & went on board
at between 12 & 1 oclock.

Friday November 26th. 1858

Up before 6 oclock Cold MS
Went ashore with Fred Harper
about 12 oclock could not get
a packee went to Capt. Elison's
office. Met the Capt. Fred Harper &
I drove up to Capt. Elison's house
with him in his Ghanie. wrote
a prescription for Mrs. Frier breathing
Ath S. Splim. Ar a 3p Tr. Opi 3i [?] dined
there . party Capt. & Mrs. Elison, Capt.
& Mrs.Eales Fred Harper & I & Gravy
left between 5 & 6 went to the
cricket ground. play finished [underscored]
Called at Mr. Fletcher's with Fred H
to bit him goodbye. Kept waiting
1/2 hour in the dining room.
saw him. had a chat about Edinr.
had some B. Panneer bid him good

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