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from Calcutta.

Tuesday Decr. 28th. 1858

Up before sunrise Harper dined
with us on bd. went ashore in
the evening walked to Stables out
Met Adelard got the poney to Dickie's
Dickie out. saw the Capt. Mrs.
out walking got on bd. before
7 oclock Met Cassiagni at the
Ghaut going to the Bazaar[underscored] Dibbs
on bd. Bowen out sailing with Harper
7 oclock Tuesday evg.[all underscored]

Wednesday Decr.29th. 18858

Sealed up a letter fooor home to send to
post for the mail that leaves Cal
Jany. 9th. Capt. came on
bd. at 1/2 past 8

Thursday Decr. 30th 1858.

Left Akyab at 1/2 past 5 this
morning for Kyauk Phyoo. Commissioner
left last night in the Schooner.
went through the middle passage

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