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send down a poney to Todypaura
for my use while we remained there
We dined at Beddy's. Mr. & Mrs.
, the Capt. & I. Cassiagni
Mick Paul & Grady. All very
Aquable. Capt. & I left a
little after nine & went down
in the Gig. Mixture produced
emesis on the road down combined
with a cheroot got on bd. about
1/2 past 10 & turned in

Monday Jany. 10th. 1859

Up at six. Wrote a note to Henricks
for the Capt. Asking use of his house
& sent back the clothes I got from
him yesterday. Henricks came
on bd. after dinner. told the
Capt. he might have his
house. went down to try to
go up the Creek in the
paddle box boat. Could not find
sufficient water. only took a

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