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Wednesday Jany. 12th 1859

Went ashore this morning at 6.30.
poney had not arrived Sent a
lascar to find the poney walked
along the road & met the man coming
with it. mounted poney went off at
the gallop in drawing him up
broke the reins jumped off & caught
him by the head. spliced the reins
with a flexible branch of tree.
Mounted again & had a pleasant
ride in the direction of Singh Gong
returned on board about 7.30.
ordered the poney at 1/2 past 4 read
the Pacha of Many tales. Bowen went
out on the poney. Cassiagni & I went
up at 1/4 [struck through:past] to 5 in the PB Boat
to Sandoway. Cassiagni Called at Beddy's to see
whether there were letters & I sent a
man to the Capts. waited more that 1/2
an hour for Cassiagni at Beddy's went
to the Bazaar & walked round.

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