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inclination to give chase. returned
on bd. at dusk.

Friday Jany. 14th 1859

went out to ride this morning about
6.30 went over the same ground as
last evening. Natives all busy with
their farming operations. rice being
largely grown here. As also tobacco.
the fields are now all cut & they
present much the same appearance
as out own fields in harvest the paddy
being conveyed in to the farm steading
it is spread out on the ground & oxen
& Buffaloes are driven over it in a
circle treading it as they go. the
central bullock acting as a pivot on
which the others revolve. after being
well trodden or as in one or two cases
I have seen beaten with a plank
the chaff [written above: & straw] is carried away after being
well shaken. what remains is a
mixture of chaff & paddy. This is piled

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