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at Singhgong

of the largest that has been killed
in Sandoway. lay in the jungle
three days after it was shot before
it was found. very bad toothache
all day.

Tuesday Jany. 25th. 1859

Left Singhgong at 1/2 past 6
[struck through: today] this mg. taking the Comrs.
schooner in tow. Capt. brought word
last night that the ''Nemesis" passed
Saugor going to sea on the 13th.
Made some Chemical Soap this
Mg. to rub on the tigers skin.
beautiful cool pleasant day.
like a fine summer day in England
Anchored at one ocl. off Ramree Creek
Comrs. Schooner cast off & proceeded
up the Creek to remain 2 days.
remained on bd. all day.

Wednesday Jany. 26th. 1859

Up a little after 7. took Salt
water bath. Cutter going up

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