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Kyouk Phyoo

sherry Capt. Ripley Eales Bowen came
on bd . Went on bd. the "Proserpine"
with the Dr. & 2nd. officer, had dinner
Went & dined with Capt. Ripley in the
Cos. party. Ripley (Hunt 2nd. Nemesis)
Young Dr. Maynood Johnson Dibbs
(East 1st. Nemesis) returned on bd.
between 9 & 10.

Sunday Jany. 30th. 1859

Laying still at Anchor in Kyouk Phyoo
Webt on bd. the Nemesis in the
Afternoon. Bowen Dibb Johnson
on bd.

Monday Jany. 31st. 1859

Capt. Gordon & Dr. Maynood came
aboard this mg. Went on bd. the
"Nemesis" Stayed all day Earl
Dr. Ripley Capt. Eales & Gordon
went to call on the Commissioner
returned on br. between 4 & 5 dressed
& went up to dine with Ripley
a very large party 16 Comr.

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