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Came on board in the evening.

Wednesday Feby. 2nd. 1859

Up before Sunrise this morning
Morris & Barlow called on bd.

Thursday Feby. 3rd. 1859

"Nemesis" left for Chittagong this
morning remained on bd. all

Friday Feby. 4th. 1859

Went on shore this morning after
breakfast with Cassiagni took a
Ghanie & called at Woodwards &
Dickies to pay accts. Went to the
Bazaar & bought & few Burmah
boxes & cups called at Barbers
& Johnsons returned on bd. with
Stables in his boat about 4

Saturday Feby. 5th. 1859

remained on bd. all day.
Lf Officer Lady Rawlinson
on bd. in the evening

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