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deck about 6 leaving the Harbour
Watched till we cleared the
Sewage Stables came out with
us left as he saw a Ship in
sight. lost sight of land about 1
A Strong head wind lasted throughout
the day & night on the bridge nearly
all night. turned in between 8 & 9.

Tuesday February 8th. 1859

Up before Sunrise fine cool morning
still pursuing our way to Calcutta
head wind still continuing. fine
pleasant day expect to sight
the pilot Brig tomorrow mg. had a
long chat in the evg. with Mrs.
& Miss Hughesdon.

Wednesday Feby 9th. 1859

Up before sunrise this morning.
Several ships in sight. Made
the Pilot Brig between 8 & 9.
Fielder our old "Belgravia"
pilot came aboard. Mrs. Eales

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