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says Dadson has retd. from the Cape
Called on Smith at Doveton College
going up to Serampore in a fort
night to be Editor of the Friend of
India Mrs. I Child gone home &
McLaren with Dysentery. Called
back at S T Ho. returned on bd.
at 5 Dibbs going out for a drive
in a Buggy & take little Willie
home went up with them
Called at S T Ho. Dibbs went to
Call on Dicey wenr up stair to wait
Dibbs retd. about 8 took a drive
round & went on bd. Cassiagni
came on bd. & stayed all night
met Beckett in going out this
mg. said he was going on ev did
not go. Mail sr. arrived

Sunday Feby. 13th. 1859==

Up at Sunrise buggy ordered
for 10 to go up to Church late
of coming went up with Dibbs

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