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told him of my offer with "England"
Went with him to the Med Col
Hospital to see a boy sick wanting
to go passenger promised me the
passage money for him

Friday March 11th. 1859.

Remained in the house all day
till after dinner went down
on bd. the "Belgravia" which
arrived today with 90 Elephants
(Philips & I) Capt. had gone ashore
saw Wade very happy to see
me Ships Joe. W stuck in a
Hotel in Calcutta & going Steward
in one of the P & O boats. the crew
had all left & gone home in a
Ship Parsons dead. Vase [?]
drowned after getting a bill
on house for £32. asked
Wade to Call. Came [?]
the Strand in a ticka Gharrie
with Philips

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