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at Sea

Friday March 25th. 1859

up at 10 minutes to 6. Went on
deck. plenty of turtle Dolphin
Bonito & Sharks about between
8 & 9. Capt. hoisted the jolly boat
out to try & get some turtle.
Peterson & I went in the boat.
the Cf Mate & 4 hands a fine
fast pulling liitle boat. got
alongside what was supposed
to be a turtle. I looked and saw
it was a log. Plenty of Bonito
Dolphin & Shark. Cf. Mate
struck at the shark with the
Granes. too deep. Shark bit
at them tried once or twice
at other fish not successful
CF. Mate stk. harpoon in the tendon
of this thumb pulled upwards
of a mile to the stern of the
ship after another large turtle
he dived saw another to

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