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off Ceylon Lat Long At Sea

Peterson ill of fever all day read
half of Jack Huiton hunt slipper
&ce in the evg. very hot day

Sunday April 10th. 1859

Up before 6. S W bath &ce very
close warm day. Sailors harpooning
dolphin forward brought 3 on board.
have an idea that dolphins are
poisonous from Copper get from
Copper beds at the bottom of the sea
had one for dinner black looking
but not bad to eat a little harsh.
very hot 90° nearly calm all day
Lat Long

Monday April 11th. 1859

Up before 6. SW bath a fine light
breeze astern about 7 ocl. at 12 ocl
110 miles from the line light breeze
all the afternoom sing & proverbs
in the evg.

Tuesday April 12th. 1859.

Up at 1/2 past 5 SW bath & coffee
slight breeze has continued all

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