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At Sea Lat 18° or 19° S

of 200 miles every day (232)
yesterday the SE trades have
been blowing very fresh & squally
a squall at 4 in the mg. two
or three ships saving us (190 miles
today) Some three or 4 hundred
miles from (Roderique) today read
an Indee account of it in a book of the
Capts. in the evg. a few french families
resident ships occasionaly put in
for water. shoals rapidly [Struck through: mile] near
land Coral reef dangerous to go

Sunday 24th April 1859

had a bath on deck this mg. about
six weather pleasant & Cool now
we feel it cold. Peterson got
Masonic Marks tatooed on his arm
today intended to have something
else put on my arm but put
off today. nearly calm for about
an hour this morning.

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