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On bd. of "Ivanhoe"

Monday April 25th. 1859.

went 100 odd miles today passed
Roderique within 100 miles of
course could not see it, seen
only at 14 leagues distance.
breeze pretty light throughour the
day weather pleasant & cool
Therm. at Midday 75°.

[struck through:Monday] Tuesday April 26th. 1859

Find it difficult to get up early
in the mg. now weather getting so
pleasant & cool. up at 7 ocl
did not get a bath. Stitches
in tweed trouses this mg.
Thick mist on bd.[?] only
[?] every second or
3rd. day 183 miles today.

[struck through: Tuesday] Wednesday April 27th. 1859

Fine breeze until 12 last
night continued light since
[?] 12 ocl today weather continues
fine like a fine English day but

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