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on bd. ship "Ivanhoe"

in sight this mg. very beautiful
cool & pleasant Sun warm. Therm.
in the Cuddy 72°.

Friday May 5th. 1859

Sunny the last week. We have
been gatting on our voyage fav-
ourably. we have passed Mad-
& are now well across
the Mozambique Channel. for the
last 2 or 3 days we have ran
upwards of 200 miles a day. A
(Yankee ship "Panther" passed
us the day before yesterday (two
days in sight) going nearly 1 knot
more than us. said she was
35 days from Calcutta we have been
43. bitten by a rat the other
night in the hand. got the
Carpenter to close up a hole at
the head of my bunk. Weather
Cool & pleasant. Therm 70° Mother
Careys & Albatross & Mollyhawk[Mollymawk]

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