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on bd. Ship Ivanhoe

topsail yard last evening sent
it down this mg. Close reefed
it last night getting a new
one ready. it is blowing
hard. we are under 2 reefed
topsail & main trysail

Friday May 13th. 1859.

Wet miserable Cold day Could
not sleep for toothache greater part
of last night bitter cold. sent a
new topsail yard aloft yesterday.
Time passes very dully. Smoke
Cheroots read or play Ecarte or
Catch 10 in the evg. Tiff with Mrs R.
& Capt. last evg. Mrs. W[?]
rushed from Cabin hair streaming
never seen such meaness Mr W.
would pay dearly[?] Payne[?] also
spoke of badness of feeding[?]
went to my Cabin did not
interfere A Schooner in sight
this mg. making short tacks

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