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Off E Coast of Africa

of[f] & on shore. land in sight
again this mg. have had no
obs. for some days.

Saturday May 13th. 1859

Light Air sprung up last evg. from
the eastward & has kept up as a nice
breeze dead astern today & with the
effect of a strong current has made
us run 214 a lunar last
evg. at 9.30. made us off Cape Morgan
& today at 12 we were off Algoa
& to the southward 60 or 70 miles
reading (Blk Dragoons from Peterson)

Sunday May 15th. 1859

Fair wind Continues 11 oclock
blowing stiff dead Astern Bar.
falling. every one lively on bd.
in the prospect of getting speedily
round the Cape & to St. Helena
we caught a pigeon this
mg. & a Carey last evg. Biscoe
Skinned the pigeon today. have

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