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On Bd. Ship "Ivanhoe"

off Cape Colony

as to preserve him with

Thursday May 19th. 1859.

All going on much as usual. on
Tuesday the ship was hove
too. a strong N.W. gale blowing.
We have made little progress
during the last three day the
N.W. Winds having prevailed We
were today at 12 ocl in Lat.
[struck through:18] 36.17. Ling. 18.55. being still to
the southward of the Cape of Good Hope.
(tedious work.) Payne caught several
penguins during the gale Peterson & I
have taken to bunking in Cabin
the weather was so cold & wet

Saturday May 21st. 1859.

Nearly becalmed yesterday & to
day Caught a pigeon last
night Today very warm
Sun quite hot. Current setting
us a good deal to the
westward we are still in

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