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on bd. Ship Ivanhoe

got to leeward of it tried to beat
up for 4 hours. Saw it but
made very little progress. day
was very dull & Cloudy & blowing
fresh with a heavy sea. one sea
carried away head sail. intend
now going into Ascention for water

Sunday June 5th. 1859.

Lat. 12.20 Long: 10.12. Wind veering NNE
fine day. weather keeps cool though
nearing the line. expect to make
Ascention on Tuesday

Monday June 6th. 1859.

200 miles from Ascention scarcely
reach tomorrow. Therm 78° wind light

Tuesday June 7th 1859.

Not yet in sight of Ascention 12 ocl
39 miles off expect to see it this
afternoon it is visible in very clear
weather at 45 miles today is
clear but we cannot yet see
it. warm today Therm: 80°

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