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At Sea

have been very quiet all day.
P & I took possession of couch last
night to smoke cheroots. Passage obstructed
A bird resembling a swallow kept
flying round the Ship last evg.

Sunday June 19th. 1859.

Passed 4 vessels during the night
& a Im:[?] schooner supposed to be a
steamer No signals British at dinner
time a Bremen 3 masted Schooner
& a full rigged ship to leeward the
former spoke. Ensign & 175 number.
fine day with light breeze from mg.

Monday June 20th. 1859.

Woke up this mg. at 6 went on deck.
fine breeze. Walking along but
a good deal westing. day rather
cloudy Skinner fell off the main
yard but did not hurt himself
saved by buttlines. Therm: 81.
9.19. 24.25.
light wind at 12

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