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On bd. "Ivanhoe"

Tuesday June 21st. 1859.

Light NE breeze today. done very
little northing. 26 miles N.W. 1/2 N.
a ship in sight Astern. Another
bound to the southward passed a
long way of[f] this Mg. a large shoal
of porpoises passed aster last
evg. Making very slow progress as
yet throught the trades. Therm. 80 1/2

Wednesday June 22nd. 1859.

Fine Clear day warm light
wind done 180 miles N. by W.
made bad course. Therm 81

Thursday June 23rd. 1859

Strong breeze today at N.E.
made a fine run[?] since yesterday
121 miles northing. saw a Schooner
outward bound this evg. weather
cool. Capt. laid up all day.
3 rats caught in the trap in
the after Cabin last night

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