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on bd. "Ivanhoe"

than yeasterday. Sargossa weed
floating past this forenoon. long
twighlight dark at 1/2 past 7 last
night. A Spanish brig & barque
passed yesterday the former had no
flags. A Sim. vessel in sight to
leeward just now a long way off.
A Bo Cham: with Blair & a new hat
with Capt. that we are not in
the Downs on the 18th. July Therm 75

Tuesday June 28th. 1859.

Fine day with a fine breeze. got to
the northward of the Line today. fishing
for Sargass weed today . Therm 71½

Wednesday June 29th. 1859.

Fishing for Sargasso weed Caught
none. dashing along with a fine
breeze. done nearly 3 degrees
northing. taking some obs.
for Lat every day Correctly
A flying fish came on bd. right before
last squall at 8 last night frightened
Mrs. P

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