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at Sea

Thursday June 30th. 1859.

Nothing particular today. fishing
for Sargasso Weed. Caught some
& put up in a bo. & in Watsons
Pract. Physio.

Friday July 1st. 1859.

Fine day. hoe got to the boundary
of the Sargasso Sea thought it would
fall calm yesterday thought there
would be a change of wind but
it sprung up again with a squall
Therm 75°. Mother Carey's About.

Saturday July 2nd. 1859.

Calm today & warm. expect a
fair wind Mother Carey's about
bending new sails. Painting outside
yesterday & today played Catch
him with ladies on deck last evg.
Therm. 75°. Bar. 30.10.

Sunday July 3rd. 1859.

22 miles to the Southward &
westward of yesterday. A light

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