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at Sea

Thursday July 28th. 1859.

Thisck & foggy light winds bell
sounding every 10 minutes during the
thickest of the fog. Bell Sd. tack
horns Pt. tack.

Friday July 29th. 1859.

Spoke [to] the British Barque Bridgetown
from Barbadoes to London 32 days out.
After breakfast Mate & I went aboard.
long pull 4 miles when out expected
fog to Separate us from both Ships
kept pretty clear however. went aboard
Capt. a Scotsman from Wigtown shewed
me watch got from U S Govt for saving
Capt. & Crew of a Yankee foundered vesel
in a gale of wind. Got some flour had
a glass of wine. Came off on bd. Again
sailors in out boat grumbling got
no grog. a frigate just in sight over
horizon. (P. Biscuit)

Saturday July 30th. 1859.

Barque Bridgetown Considerably

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