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at Sea

a pilot up Channel? & were any passengers
going ashore? Asked whether land in
sight was Start Point? Yes! they
asked a bo. grog. throw it overboard. Capt.
said Come alongside & I will give you
some beef. Could not come up running
before the wind. blowing fresh asked
French brig & Barque this mg. for Long.
dave it on blk. board. Going along to
day with a splendid breeze "Ivanhoe"
passing all she came across. Barque
in sight lost main top gallant mast.
everyone on bd. in high spirits
expect to get a pilot at Dungeness
tomorrow. (P & I still out) quantities
of weed floating past water dark green.
Fine clear day. Therm: 67°. Bar. low.
passed the Lizard Start Portland bill.
1 ocl no land in sight.
6 ocl abreast of Portland Bill 10 miles
distant Can see the houses on the
point & 2 lighthouses distinctly

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