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on bd. "Ivanhoe"

the land extending a long way to
the eastward dim & obscure a
great number of Steamers outward
bound. a lge. [written above: vessel] Supposed to be "Himalaya"
with troops on bd. dipped the Ensign
& lowered Skysail to her. a large
number of Schooners about & other
vessels. expect to be off the Isle of
about 10 or 11 tonight the
last lans I saw on leaving England
Sighted St Catharines lights at 9.15
last evening. Isle of Wight

Monday August 1st. 1859

Up at 5.30 this mg. sighted
Beachy Head about 7. immense
numbers if Deal boats knocking
about. one came alongside about
9. oC. asked from what port & where
bound? asked if we had any pas
sengers to go ashore at Winchelsea
for Brighton. asked charge £1.
a head. followed us an hour

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